The semi-annual Fade to Light fashion show is readying for its second summer edition, scheduled for Wednesday, August 20 at the Crystal Ballroom. They've announced the lineup in a handy little video:

Some of those are returning names: Bad Wolf Clothier was one of the more impressive inclusions during the last Fade to Light, with its sharply tailored menswear; WWJJD also made a splashy debut as a new collaboration between Joshua Buck and Jeanne Tunberg (another point scored for menswear). Other names on that list, like Urchin Redesign and Mag-Big, are familiar enough from other shows but new to the Fade to Light format, which tasks its designers to produce a video element that introduces their collections. Also, some of the show's regulars (Emit, Bryce Black, Studio SKB) are set to be joined by two new debuts, the mysterious Elephant Room and Primal Haunt, a collaboration between Shelby Morgan and print designer Kate Troyer, whose past work you may have seen on dresses by the likes of Michelle Lesniak.