Alison Hallett: "Hitting the Risk/Reward festival tonight. That's about it, leaving the house-wise. Reading Kate Zambreno's Green Girl, which I can't decide if I like or not but can't seem to put down. Also tackling a stack of comics, including former Portlander Sam Alden's It Never Happened Again, which is by all accounts really great. (Related: Last night, someone actually said the phrase "You read comics? Aren't they for kids?" to me. To his credit, it was followed by a sincere request for suggestions on what a first-time comics reader might enjoy. I offered some, and Twitter-sourced a bunch more. Take a look here if you're interested.)"

Marjorie Skinner: “I am headed to Astoria, my other favorite Oregon city. Plans are loose but definitely include hitting up Albatross, the new joint opened by lauded Oregon chef Eric Bechard in a historic Finnish bathhouse (ultimate plans are to restore the bathhouse portion too, which I’d certainly go back for). Other likely destinations include pillaging the reclaimed housewares at Astoria Vintage Hardware and scouting for treasures at antique stores up and down the Long Beach Peninsula.”

Ned Lannamann: "Tonight: The Daft Punk laser show at OMSI, which I am predicting will be nothing less than the greatest endeavor of humankind. Also, Ohio band Wussy plays at the Alhambra on Saturday. I love them. Otherwise: yard work, fixing the car, and housecleaning, none of which should interest you."

Erik Henriksen: "Laser Daft Punk on Friday. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid at the Laurelhurst on Sunday. And a hike on Saturday. As usual, i will not be telling you cretins where."