With sequels and reboots and rehashes, Hollywood continues to strangle people's interest in actually going to the movies. Meanwhile, TV has has figured out how to do serialization right—and a big part of that (either ironically or fittingly, depending on how you look at it) means using people who know how to make movies. After making a big fuss about retiring from filmmaking a little while ago, Steven Soderbergh's already got one TV project in the works, the great/horrifying-looking The Knick, which starts in August—

—and now comes word that his 2009 film The Girlfriend Experience, which starred Sasha Grey, is getting the TV treatment. While Soderbergh's directing each episode of The Knick (much as he did with the unfairly forgotten HBO series K Street), he's turning The Girlfriend Experience over to others:

Indie filmmakers Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz will write all 13 installments and divide up the directing work on the segs. Soderbergh has known Kerrigan for years while Seimetz impressed him with her work as an actress and helmer in recent pics including 2013’s Upstream Color. (Via.)

I have a hard time seeing how Girlfriend Experience will translate to TV, but hell, what do I know, I'm still the guy who refuses to watch the Fargo TV show even though everyone I know won't shut up about how great it is. My bad, could-definitely-use-improvement attitude also might be affected by my simmering anger that there isn't already a Magic Mike series.