Tomorrow's Friday, which means new movies open and old ones go away; here's what you've got to catch tonight if you want to see it it in a Portland theater.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Laurelhurst Theater)—Pretty much one of the best/most fun movies ever, and totally great to see on a big screen with a crowd. It's so great! So funny! So handsome! See this!

The Secret of NIMH (Academy Theater)—You'd never know it from the way Portlanders swarm every goddamn screening of Labyrinth, but the best way to preserve your fond memories of a movie you loved as a kid? Don't watch it again as an adult.

The Other Woman (Academy Theater, Avalon)—Man, for a little while there, I'd completely forgotten this movie existed, let alone that I sat through it. HEAVY SIGH. Alison's review ("A lot like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, except the pants are Jaime Lannister and they give everyone who wears them chlamydia") pretty much sums it up.

Complete movie times are here; tomorrow sees the releases of Trans4mers: Dinopocalpyse, Korengal, Willow Creek, and more.