Big changes over at the Independent Publishing Resource Center: Justin Hocking just sent out a press release announcing that after eight years at the helm of the IPRC, he's stepping down as executive director to focus on teaching and writing. (He just published a well-received memoir, which we excerpted in the Mercury.)

In a not-terrifically-surprising move, IPRC Managing Director Pollyanne Faith Birge has been promoted to executive director. In addition to her work at the IPRC, Birge has worked in Portland's arts/nonprofit world for years, including stints with Know Your City, Stumptown Comics, Inc; she also served as Arts and Culture Outreach and Policy Coordinator under Sam Adams. She is well regarded by all, as far as I can tell.

Hocking, meanwhile, will continue to work with the IPRC in a "new, informal role as the Chairperson of the Certificate Program in Creative Writing."

Justin has done great work during his tenure at the IPRC, including moving the center to a bigger and better location on SE Division; I look forward to seeing what he gets up to next. (Oh, and? Look for his byline in the fall issue of the Mercury's arts guide, Agenda.)