It's time once again to peel back the layers of the Mercury reader's mind by examining the contents of a fresh new letters page!

—Somebody named TacosNTequila (wonder where they got that?) says it might be a good idea if the parents of a police shooting victim pursued a case against the bureau without taking a settlement that would come with a gag order. "Maybe then a difference could be made. We all have someone in our families with mental-health issues."

—Our food critic wasn't impressed with Reverend's BBQ, though Rhonda likes 'em alright. More importanty: "Let's get real. Portland does BBQ okay—it ain't Memphis or Kansas City for sure, but at least it's not the culinary trainwreck that is Mexican food up here."

—Similarly, Alex was more taken with Obvious Child than Alison was, accusing her of being part of "how criticism so often misses the point of experiencing a movie by focusing on where to place it in current pop culture."

—Aestro was so moved by Ian Karmel's post-breakup confessional that he envisioned them bonding and saying "some overly defensive misogynistic shit over a beer" together. Awww.

—And finally, it seems the issue of 4th of July firecrackers is more divisive that ever! Some say the I, Anonymous calling for their ban is "just as bad as right-wing fascism" while others note that "I don't even own goddamned dogs and I feel so bad for them!!" But Mr. Greener just like to ruminate "on freedom and how glad I am the Redcoats were rousted from our land." Indeed, sir. Indeed.