WILLOW CREEK In which Harry avenges the Hendersons.
  • WILLOW CREEK In which Harry avenges the Hendersons.

WILLOW CREEK Ben Coleman talked with director Bobcat Goldthwait about his new found-footage Bigfoot movie, which Goldthwait will be presenting at the Hollywood Theatre on Sunday. "The goal was to try to make these people believable and characters you empathize with before terrible things happen to them," Goldthwait told Ben, presumably while rubbing his hands to together in the most nefarious way possible. "I think a lot of [horror directors] almost seem to resent the characters, and I wanted you to care about them."

KORENGAL The follow-up to the excellent Afghanistan documentary Restrepo mostly functions as a reminder of how excellent Restrepo was.

GOLDFINGER The Laurelhurst has a fancy digital print of one of the best 007 movies, and the Mercury's resident 007 expert, Ned Lannamann, has plenty to say about how tired of Goldfinger he is. He's really, really tired of it, and he can't wait to see it again.

TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION Paul Constant endured it so you don't have to. HIs review is two sentences long, yet contains a universe—a universe of never-ending robot battles, constantly waving American flags, and as much product placement as Marky Mark can cram down your goddamn throat.

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