Kinda NSFW:

I'm hoping this is a hoax. Says hot tipper Matt Hickey...

I've never been of either the "masturbate to your significant other" or "use a Fleshlight" type, but I can't help but wonder if the lady in the video knows what he is doing. Does he need consent? Should he inform her? Is there an opposite dildo case for her to use? What happens of you put them together? You should give bonus points to anyone using one of these in HUMP!

Yes: bonus points to anyone who anyone who works one of these things into their HUMP! video—details on making and submitting a video for HUMP! here—but my main problem with this device, if it exists and someone were to use it as intended, is... um... motion sickness? Vertigo? And won't your friend on the other end of that Skype session wonder why you're suddenly moving up and down?