In this week's Sold Out, I took a look at Rachel Ancliffe's new Ancliffe Collection, a collection of premium-quality basics developed by one of the city's more experienced designers. She's done time in the cogs of New York's industry as well as designer for the sportswear biggies in town, and is intimately familiar with various manufacturing models for apparel. As someone who champions the support of local, regional, and domestically made products first and foremost, Ancliffe's decision to have the line manufactured in China gave me pause. Since "Made in China" is usually shorthand for me to take a pass. However her perspective on the choice, which is essentially the result of her taking advantage of special circumstances and a special relationship, is interesting to me, and worth mentioning. She's aware of the knee-jerk reaction many of us have to a "Made in China" tag, and was quite thoughtful in weighing the pros and cons.

  • Tim Aguero

Also, as you can see, the collection's slim-fitting pants, bustier tops, and pencil skirts are pretty damn hot. And aside from a small selection at Una, there aren't many opportunities to try on these items, but Halo Shoes is hosting a pop-up starting today and running through Sunday that features her collection along with ABCoLab Jewelry and personal stylist Scarlet Chamberlin. Get it while you can.