I have some questions. Can your penis be soar if you masturbate three or four times a day? Does lube help when you are masturbating your penis? Is it hard to have sex with an uncircumcised penis? How far can the penis go in the vagina?


Can you please answer my questions when you have time? I hope I can hear back from you soon


Can you please answer my questions sometime this week? I really want to hear back from you. I am your biggest fan.


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Okay! Okay! My response is after the jump!


If your penis soars after masturbation then someone is spiking your lube with C-4—sorry, sorry. That's a cheap shot. I messed up two homonyms in a recent SLLOTD, so I'm in no position to pick on you, R.R., for mixing up sore and soar.

If you're beating off three or four times a day, R.R., then your penis can and most likely will be somewhat sore when you're done beating it. My advice: If you're experiencing post-beating soreness, give your cock a longer break between beatings. Read a book, maybe watch some OITNB, and then try using a lighter touch and more lube the next time you jack off—because, yes, lube really does help when you're masturbating your penis (or someone else's).

Moving on: It's not harder to have sex with an uncircumcised penis. Look at it this way: If foreskins made sex more difficult, R.R., evolutionary forces would've selected against foreskins and they would've disappeared long before we appeared. Some men do have problems with their foreskins—phimosis, for example—that require medical intervention. But a normal, functional foreskin shouldn't interfere with normal sexual intercourse—oral, anal, or vaginal. The fact that some men have problems with their foreskins doesn't mean you have to have your foreskin cut off. Some women are going to get breast cancer, R.R., and some men are going to get testicular cancer—but we don't cut off everyone's breasts and balls just to be safe.

And finally: most penises can go all the way in most vaginas. If you're not freakishly well-endowed—if your penis isn't gigantic—and you're having difficulty getting it all the way in your partner's vagina, try engaging in a lot more foreplay, opening up (and using) a big bottle of lube, and/or enjoying other forms of sex (oral, manual, non-penetrative sex).