Tonight marks the hilarious second season premieres for Comedy Central's Drunk History (10 pm) and Nathan for You (10:30 pm)—and if you're a laffy-pants, you'll love 'em both. To catch you up, in Drunk History, host Derek Waters has legitimately drunk people recount historic events, while famous people act them out. IT IS SO FUNNY. And ya learn stuff, too! Check out this preview that recounts the story of pioneering black scientist Percy Julian—and how he learned to make steroids out of soybeans instead of "horse dick."

That's followed by Nathan For You, starring comedian Nathan Fielder, who helps struggling businesses by giving them ideas that are absolutely TERRIBLE in every conceivable way. Here's a clip of Nathan "helping" an auto mechanic whose customers apparently don't trust him.

Psst! If you're curious for a behind-the-scenes peek at how Drunk History is made, check this out.