G'day Dan! It's Groom To Be. Thank you so much for your quick and clear answer to my question about my future in-laws. We had hoped for some great enlightenment and instruction, but you were right that what we really need is patience. My fiancé's parents will do whatever they do and we'll have to be the stronger ones to define the rules for them to become part of our modern family.

Also thank you for posting our letter on your blog. While it's exciting to have Dan Savage swearing his advice at you, it was surprisingly comforting to receive all of the comments from your readers—from average straight people to couples who have faced the same rejection that we are either as gay couples or inter-racial couples or inter-faith couples. Listening to the podcast, you think that "Savage Love" is just the voice of Dan Savage. But actually, you've created a community of loudmouthed but loving people just like yourself! I don't think that we would've been able to truly believe your advice if you hadn't had a chorus of amateur advice-columnists seconding you!

Groom To Be

My response to GTB—my thank-you note for his thank-you note—after the jump, along with another request/demand for advice from that kid whose questions absolutely, positively require a response.


Thank you for the lovely note, GTB—and thank you for giving me the opportunity to acknowledge and thank the wonderful community of compassionate loudmouths who pour into the comments threads on SLLOTD every day and in the column every week. Their wisdom, insight, and advice is sometimes—sometimes—better than my own. I don't jump into the comments threads often, because I get to have my say in the posts/columns, but I do read them and I'm often in awe of my chorus of volunteer advice-columnists. I learn something new every week—like the difference between homonyms and homophones.

Speaking of which: Hey, chorus... remember that kid from last week who sent in a few questions and then wrote back again and again demanding answers? He's baaaaaaack...

Can you please respond to my emails and answer my questions? Please! Looking forward to hearing back from you. I am your biggest fan ever.—R.R.

I already answered your questions!—Dan

Thank you. I have more questions. How long can your penis ejaculate for? Does it feel better to masturbate with someone else doing it to your penis or does it feel better doing it for yourself?—R.R.

I answered R.R.'s first four questions—three more questions than I'll usually answer for any one reader. So I'm tossing R.R.'s last two questions to the chorus, those loudmouthed but loving people who make the "Savage Love" comment threads such an enjoyable and educational read. I trust you guys will give R.R. the answers—and the attention—he craves.