And it's even a short paragraph, from Dana Milbank's Washington Post column:

Congress has passed just 56 public laws this year, for a total of 121 since the beginning of 2013. This virtually guarantees the current Congress will be the least productive in history, well behind the “do nothing” Congress of 1948, which passed more than 900 bills. And many of the 121 bills are not exactly weighty (H.R. 1071: “To specify the size of the precious-metal blanks that will be used in the production of the National Baseball Hall of Fame commemorative coins.”)

The goal of Teabaggy Republicans is to strip the government down to its most basic parts (except for the military, and the parts of government that enforce and protect evangelical Christianity). If they can't accomplish those goals with a Democratic Senate and a Democrat in the White House, they'll do nothing, instead, and let the nation argue itself to death until they can seize all three branches of government and really get to work. As far as plans go, it's a solid one. It's working. And the midterm elections are only going to reward their behavior.