The heat hits most people one of two ways: it either makes 'em blissed out and mellow or superfuckingangry. Let's see how it hit all over this week's Letters page:

Ned's review of the KISS/Def Leppard show went over like a lead balloon with devotees of those bands, who accused him of smoking crack (!) and assumed he lost his job over it. (Nope!)

—Another thumbs-up for Team Anti-Fireworks, who simply flees the "war zone" of Clark County to avoid them.

—B has thoughts about PDC's financial agreement to buy the Right 2 Dream Too lot. Do you?

—Rob was into it when we ripped up the sidewalk tape/litter that people were putting down to "reserve" their spots for the rose parade, and now he want us to do something about plant overgrowth obstructing sidewalks, but... I dunno, it just doesn't have the same oomph, even if we are his "only hope," which is flattering and all.

—Don't worry, Nix, Thomas Kinkade isn't really our favorite painter!