It's a couple days away, but I know how busy you are, and I really think you'd like Orland Nutt. The local filmmaker is a Portland native, and his films are all short and experimental. I love the short film format, but a lot of people assume it's going to be boring and obtuse when they see the word "experimental" (aaaaaand sometimes it is) but Nutt's stuff is beautiful and totally batshit as well as funny and sincere in a satisfyingly WTF kind of way.

Anyhow! The NW Film Center's been toying with the idea of showcasing his work solo for some time now, and this Thursday it's finally on. An Evening with Orland Nutt will have him introducing a selection of his work, chosen to represent his timeline as an artist, and it will also see the debut of his newest, Bear of Heaven, his most ambitious project to date. I wrote a li'l preview of it here, but I also wanted to share a couple of my favorites from his back catalog as an added nudge.

This first is from his "Dear Peter" series. Peter is actually a real dude named Peter who is an old friend of Orland's. They've been sending correspondence back and forth for years, in letters, packages, and in this case video, updating each other on—sometimes seemingly mundane—things in their daily environment:

This next is one of Nutt's poem-based films (so is Bear) literally a visual response to a passage nutt felt he could expound upon. A film of someone reciting a poem doesn't sound that great to me either, but this is so satisfyingly creepy and trippy:

if that doesn't make you smile I just don't even know.