As you've no doubt heard, Washington's finally getting its recreational pot market—enshrined by voters nearly two years ago—up and running. In some parts of the state, that means marijuana sales will begin bright and early tomorrow morning (though low supply caused by the program's unwieldy implementation means that commerce will be expensive and perhaps brief).

For Portlanders? Vancouver's two stores won't open until a bit later in the week—Wednesday and Friday, according to the Columbian. If you're among those who'll brave the clog-prone Interstate Bridge and make your first-ever venture into the 'Couve to ring in commercial pot sales, Portland police want you to know a few things.

The PPB is recirculating a video it first released in December 2012, on the heels of the Washington vote. Of course, some of this is subject to change if Oregonians approve a regulated recreational marijuana market here in November.

Here's Sgt. Pete Simpson with the run down.