Harvester Brewing, Portland’s premier gluten-free beer maker, needs your help. They have been told by a Californian Wine Company, Hope Family Wines, that the use of Harvester will create brand confusion and demanded that they change the name of the brewery (it's unclear why—perhaps Hope are bringing out a wine called Harvester).

So rather than spend money on lawyers (never a bad thing), Harvester have decided to change their name and want your ideas—they can’t use the name Harvester at all but, they, as they put it, “would like it if the new name worked well with our love of farming, farmers, and tractors so we can continue using our tractor logo but we will consider non-tractor related ideas too”. As well as producing great beer (gluten free or not, it’s still great beer), they also now have a gastropub at SE 7th & Lincoln St which has small batch tasting room only beers and a gluten-free menu that ranges from sandwiches to kale salad to guinea fowl.

There’s more info on Harvester’s Facebook page and ideas can be sent to: contact@harvesterbrewing.com

Inspiration... a Harvester tasting flight
  • Inspiration... a Harvester tasting flight