It's not often I'll do a post just to be like, "Hey, look at this poster," but hey, look at this poster. Wild is huge in Portland—which follows, given that author Cheryl Strayed lives here and her Oprah-approved memoir about her time on the Pacific Crest Trail seems to have a permanent place on Powell's bestseller shelf. And now there's a poster for the movie, which is inexplicably produced by and stars Reese Witherspoon.


Last I heard, Wild—which was shot in Oregon—was set for a December release, but the poster says "fall," so maybe we'll get some of that sweet, grueling hiking action earlier than expected. As for how they've managed to turn Strayed's story into a movie, your guess is as good as mine. Don't get me wrong—Wild's story is great. It also seems so at home in book form that I can't imagine how it'll translate to film. If the poster's any indication, though, they've totally nailed all the parts where she walks.