It's time for another personality-driven edition of Name This Band! Here's a band promo pic that was emailed to us, and it's a doozy.


Each one of these guys looks like he's angling to be the front man, from the longhair on the left with the Confederate flag emitting from one side of his body, to the arms-outstretched chinbeardo, to the punk dude in Converse, to the cult-leader/worst-school-psychologist-ever type to the far right. But it looks like pleather-jacket flyboy might actually be the brains of this operation (hint: he's famous for something other than music).

Leave your funniest made-up band name in the comments! Don't worry about getting the band's name right (another hint: they are playing at this event)—just worry about being funny. As always with Name This Band, there are no winners and no prize.