I'm a big fan of comedian David Huntsberger. Here are the notes on his set I took at Bridgetown a couple years ago:


Which, really, covers all the bases for me. His album Explosion Land is solid, too—he's a super-smart comic with a curious, skeptical sensibility. And also really good at riding horses? (His recent WTF interview hinges in large part on Maron having trouble wrapping his head around the fact that Huntsberger grew up in the rodeo world.)

This weekend, he's performing at Funny Over Everything on Friday—Ian Karmel was just added to the bill too, so that's fun—and at Picture This on Saturday, both at 10 pm at Curious Comedy. I haven't seen the Portland iteration of Picture This, but it's a spinoff of an LA show that projects live drawings from cartoonists during comics' set. The result, at least the time I saw the show, is a kind of cross-disciplinary banter, with both people working off each other in creative ways. If you like seeing comics do nontraditional sets, Saturday's the better bet.

Robert Ham interviewed David Huntsberger in the paper this week—it's worth a read, and you'll find more show details there too.