THE BATSHIT CRAZY PUBLICITY BLITZ FOR WILD CONTINUES! Just one goddamn day after the poster blew our eyes out of our goddamn skulls, here comes the trailer, featuring two mind-melting, fiercely introspective minutes of in-your-face inspiration!

My hyperbolic screechings aside, I really liked Cheryl Strayed's book—I'm just less than certain it'll work as a movie. At least if the trailer's any indication, director Jean-Marc Vallée—who really pushed the Oscar-baity elements of Dallas Buyers Club—seems to be pushing pretty hard again, which should be interesting, given that so many of the best parts of Strayed's books were the subtler moments. But who knows! It's just a trailer, and I'm even more obnoxiously nitpicky than usual when it comes to film adaptations of books I like. Super curious to see how people will react to this, though.