Alison Hallett: "Tonight I'm seeing David Huntsberger at Curious Comedy and on Sunday I'm embarrassing myself for the amusement of the internet. And I'm going to read Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O'Malley's new graphic novel Seconds. (He'll be at Powell's signing copies next Friday.)"

Courtney Ferguson: “Not much to report this weekend... except that I'll be THROWING AXES! About an hour away at Camp Dakota there's a tomahawk range, where I'm going to hone my hatchet skills. Look out! Then maybe I'll take a refreshing dip in a swimmin' hole somewhere nearby to soothe my rippling chiseled ax-wielding muscles. I'm pretty much going to look like Chris Evans in Snowpiercer after I'm done... you know, kinda haggard and hungry. (Go see that movie, guys! It's soooo good.)”

Erik Henriksen: "My weekend looks suspiciously like this week's Film section: Hoping to make it out on Saturday night to see Shawn Levy introduce the NW Film Center's Rushmore screening—I haven't seen Rushmore on the big screen since it first came out, I don't think—and possibly returning to the Planet of the Apes, assuming my sweaty Doctor Zaius costume isn't too unbearable in this heat."

Dirk VanderHart: "Mostly I'll be fanning myself on the veranda, hoop skirt hitched up higher than is proper, and complaining to Mayor Sugarbaker (if I see him) about this dreadful stickiness that's settled over the county. Also! Very seriously considering going to see DJ Cooky Parker spin the cuts tonight. And I'll be heading out bright and early tomorrow morning for prime position at my favorite swimming spot, finishing this Stephen King novel that's exactly like every other Stephen King novel, and probably giving the Django theme a go at karaoke. People never like the Django theme as much as they should, but I persist."

Ned Lannamann: "I'm out of town visiting family. I'm typing this from a card table in my mom's basement."