New watering hole alert! There Be Monsters has been open just about a week, in the space formerly occupied by Hal's Tavern (in homage to which there appears a Hal's Beef Burger on the menu as well as remnants of the old sign).

The bar is loosely map-themed, but the vibe is modern British, with a menu that features potted ham, bacon and banger sandwich, and fish 'n' chips alongside chicken tikka masala, veggie paneer, and curried fried cauliflower. It doesn't read as a gastronomic destination so much as a solid neighborhood joint, but many familiar hallmarks of quality (Olympic Provisions, Aviation) appear on the menu and specials board. Speaking of the specials board, TBM features rotating plowman boards (with meat or veg) at $9 for a small/$14 for a large. (a large kept three hungry people busy for a respectable time before other entrees appeared. The full bar features a small menu of cocktails with names like "Captains Blood" and a "Hemingway Daquiri."

A few tweaks and kinks are probably inevitable (the veggie paneer could use a stronger hand in seasoning, and the walls could use more hangings like the one impressively large map currently installed. Hit it up if you're burnt out on the other inner SE Morrison options, and if you live in the neighborhood this is probably a more nutritious (if more expensive) go-to than its predecessor (no disrespect).

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