GUYS! Portlandia could be coming up on its LAST SEASON EVER. Is this good news? Will it be detrimental to the tourist industry Voodoo Donuts? How many years will it take the city to reshape its identity? Will we ever admit that we miss the attention? C'mon admit that you'll miss it.

Either way, time's just about up (probably!) if you ever want to be able to tell your grandchildren or whoever that you were there, man. According to the show's Extras Coordinator, "As this is possibly our last season we're hoping to get a lot of people to submit and draw from a large crowd of Portlandians." To be considered, check out the official listing, where you'll find out fun facts like that extras get paid $9.10/hour, which sounds low until you consider all the craft services you'll be gorging on. Go on, it could be your big break!*


*It almost definitely will not be.