In last week's "Portland's Most Underrated" feature, I wrote a quick blurb about Dan Halsted, the programmer at the Hollywood Theatre.

"We have so many great theaters in town, but I really try to fill voids that other venues aren't filling," Halsted said when I talked to him for the piece. "Movies that are overlooked, forgotten, haven't played in a long time, or wouldn't get a chance to screen at all."

A good number of those overlooked and forgotten movies play as part of the Hollywood's long-running "Grindhouse Film Festival" series, the latest installment of which happens tomorrow night—Tues July 22 at 7:30 pm. Screening this time: 1983's The Deadly Spawn, the trailer of which features my favorite trailer voiceover guy ever and those time-honored hallmarks of the finest cinema: space monsters that are penises with teeth.

Tickets to tomorrow night's screening are $8, but I've got a pair to give away—if you want to enter to win them, email me no later than 4 pm today (Mon July 22), and make sure your subject line is "Slither." I'll pick a winner at 4 based on whoever I arbitrarily decide I like the best!