Steven Wilber Is Portland's New Funniest Person


to answer your krs question, i was a judge at the semi-finals.
for the most part everybody that i thought should have advanced to the finals advanced.

i didn't make it to the show last night, were most of the finalists doing the same sets they did at the semi-finals?
Voting was anonymous, until you went out and published how you voted and publically boohooed the results. Pretty tacky!

Steven Wilber shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone who's been following comedy in this town. He's a peach, and he nailed it last night. Congratulations Steven!

Now that this thing is over, can Portland comedy please get back to being awesome to each other?
I agree. I love all of those dudes, and I consider everyone a wonderful comic that was on the show last night but I was disappointed that Bri didn't place. Thanks for the article.
@belly-rubs Hallett is a journalist and a critic. She's being a journalist and a critic in this piece. There's nothing tacky about it, nobody boo-hooed anything, what you saw is called coverage.

Hallett has been covering comedy in this town longer, I'm guessing, than you've been involved in it, so, take that for what it's worth.

The Mercury, WW, Oregonian, PoMo don't owe the scene positivity, just even, honest coverage. Let Facebook be the cheerleader.
Alison, as always with these, you make me wish I had time in my life to see more comedy! Thanks for posting!
Thanks for the kind words, it was an awesome show to be a part of. Hail king Steven!
This show was so damn legit, the crowd really took it to the next level. Thanks to everyone who came out!

oh, and