MÖTLEY CRÜE Boys, boys, boys...
  • MÖTLEY CRÜE Boys, boys, boys...
It's a Mercury music section for these laughy, taffy days of Summer 2014: For the first time since The Buttoned-Down Mind of Bob Newhart topped the charts in 1960, a comedy album is at Billboard's number one. Congratulations, Weird Al Yankovic! You couldn't have done it without us, and those five videos we posted on the blog last week!

Mötley Crüe are hanging up their mousse and hep C for good. Didn't this, like, already happen?

• Wisconsin's Sugar Stems are making some of the best power-pop you've ever heard, and they're doing it on Portland's Dirtnap Records.

ARCO-PDX is murdering the classics. Not the way Spike Jones did, mind you—the Portland ensemble is reframing the way traditional classical and chamber music is performed, by updating it for the 21st century. About time.

• And a swim into the depths of Hundred Waters. Does their high-concept vapor warrant dipping more than a toe in?

• Plus! Andrew Jackson Jihad and the great Portland band Hemingway in this week's All-Ages Action!

• And in case you need coolin', we gotta whole lotta Up & Coming previews for the week.