I'm pretty sure this isn't addressed to me...

Hooked up and screwed a couple of times. I told you I have a boyfriend and you were cool with that. Fast forward a few weeks and we are not even on speaking terms, weird and yet your call. I'm gonna fuck you again buddy boy because that was some damn good fucking. My brain is STILL a little wonky and my knees are a still a little weak, but. I'm going to find you and find you out and follow you home for a another round because that.was.awesome. Gonna get you buddy boy, keep your peepers on.

... which is why I'm throwing it out there. Good job, random sex person! You seem to have really impressed this gal. (Psst! Do not answer the phone, and in fact, change your number and move to a far-away city.) Ahem. Do you have a rant or confession you'd like to share with the world? Send it to the I, Anonymous Blog—where you should blink three times if you think you're in danger.