• A MOST WANTED MAN Perfectly at home in a John le Carré thriller.

BOYHOOD Richard Linklater's latest—and, if the reviews are any indication, maybe his greatest.

LUCY Luc Besson's latest—and, if the reviews are any indication, a far cry from his greatest.

WISH I WAS HERE There was a time, much as many of us would like to forget it, when we all liked Garden State. (Yes, even you, person who insists on being a contrarian asshole about these kind of cultural things.) But that time has long passed, and now we all want to throw Zach Braff in front of a train. Huh. Funny how things change, isn't it?

AND SO IT GOES "But damn if [Michael] Douglas isn't charming, even waist-deep in crap."

A MOST WANTED MAN Philip Seymour Hoffman + John le Carré + guy who directed The American = yep.

I ORIGINS People keep trying to tell me that movies Brit Marling is in are pretty good! I refuse to believe them, just as I refuse to see any of those movies, because their plot synopses inevitably sound really fucking insipid. Take I Origins, for example!

We've got more reviews—including Hellion, which stars Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul and the '90s' Juliette Lewis, and Hercules, which stars the Rock, not Kevin Sorbo—in Film Shorts. And here are your Movie Times. Choose wisely.