Wm. Steven Humphrey: "Apparently, because you guys are DICKS of the highest order, on Saturday I will be forced to attend the FaerieWorlds Festival ("A gathering of the tribes" and "mythic music festival." UNGHHHH!!) in Eugene (UNGGGHHH!!) I'm not exactly sure what I did to any of you to deserve this... but as god as my witness, I'll spend the rest of my waking hours concocting ways to make each and every one of you PAY!!! (Ahem.) On Sunday, I'll be frolicking in the Willamette and listening to the extra awesome sounds of Ural Thomas and the Pain at the annual Big Float. That will be fun. And afterwards? Back to thinking up increasingly cruel ways of making each and every one of you PAY!!!"

Alison Hallett: "Might head over to JAW to catch the reading of Adam Bock's new play. I'll finish Amy Bloom's new book Lucky Us, which I'm really really enjoying so far. (It's set in the 1920s and has already featured a Hollywood lesbian orgy and I'm only on like page 50!) And I'm newly obsessed with Scandal and things are really tense right now, you guys, between the President and Olivia Pope, so I'll probably catch up on that."

Erik Henriksen: "Tonight's a toss-up: I'll either go see Richard Linklater's Boyhood at Cinema 21, which I've been wanting to see forever, or go see Wes Anderson expert Matt Zoller Seitz introduce The Royal Tenenbaums at the NW Film Center. At some other point this weekend: Go to A Most Wanted Man, because I'm pretty sure it'll be great, and maybe go to Hercules, because... well, because the Rock, I guess. I will see anything with the Rock in it. Even Hercules. Look at this!"


Ned Lannamann: "This is the first weekend all summer that I've had zero plans, and—as there are some very busy weekends on the horizon (Pickathon, guests from out of town, a trip to the coast, etc)—I'm keeping it that way. Of course, by zero plans, that means I actually have lots of not-really-plans: to do stuff around the house and yard, a bunch of reading, watch a couple movies on the tv, hitting a book sale or two, cooking something hopefully, sitting on the deck, drinking beer, hitting the hardware store... I can't imagine that any of you are interested in this."

Marjorie Skinner: "Tonight is the reveal party for this year’s Oregon Manifest bike-design contest at PNCA, so I’m going to go take a gander at the urban bikes of the future! Then I’m going to Block & Tackle for a New England clam chowder fix. Tomorrow I’m going to end up at one swimming hole or another before heading to this year’s huge Alley 33 fashion show. On Sunday I’m headed to an extended birthday party on a tiny island in the San Juans (estimated permanent population: 2) that is literally off the grid, so it’s bye-bye internet for a few days."