Maybe you've seen it: The long-awaited Know Your City mobile kiosk is operational, strategically positioned in Ankeny Alley in order to intercept the tourist cross-traffic between Voodoo and Saturday Market. So yes, if you walk up to the kiosk you will feel like a total fucking tourist.*

It's a great thing for tourists to do, though. KYC has a constant flow of unique ideas for off-the-beaten-path tours where people can learn things about the city that haven't already been covered on the Food Channel. Things that I'm sure people who actually live here don't even know (key word: "your"). If tours aren't your thing, they also publish literature like local-history comics, and you can always sign up for and buy all of these things online if the kiosk scene isn't your bag. If you have friends or relatives from out of town who can't stop making cracks about Portland whiteness, or instance, going on the Multicultural Portland tour might give them the resources to craft some richer material. Similarly, the uncle who still think of us a tree hugging hippies might get a kick out of the Dirty Side of Portland Bus Tour. The list goes on, with everything from Portland 101 to DIY PDX, to the new Jade District tour. Tailor to your own interests and ignorances (and those of your guests) accordingly.

  • Know Your City

Everyone's always rolling their eyes about tourists but can I just say how much I love being a tourist? Whenever I go anywhere I love to do all the main shit and walk around with a camera and it's just the most delightful thing in the world. I wouldn't want to take that from anyone.