The US says Russia's violating a three-decade arms treaty by testing cruise missiles. President Obama sent a formal letter to Vladimir Putin about it yesterday. Secretary of State John Kerry made some phone calls. It's worrying, given other pressing concerns with Russia, but the treaty is also weirdly arbitrary since launching the missiles from the ground is what makes this a violation. Russia would be fine if they were launching missiles from the sea or air.

Mayor Charlie Hales signed a settlement agreement with a high-ranking Portland police official earlier this month, then was gobsmacked to learn that in doing so he'd erased Capt. Mark Kruger's past discipline for commemorating what we in the press have taken to calling "Nazi-era German soldiers." "I assume that you were also unaware of these portions of the settlement," Hales wrote in an email to the Portland City Council (an email his office initially refused to release). "You were probably also shocked to read about these provisions in press reports.''

It's distinctly possible you'll soon be able to wait in long lines for your favorite Portland eateries—at the airport! Most businesses in PDX will see their leases expire in the next three years, and the O reports the airport is looking to infuse its terminals with hometown favorites like Salt & Straw, Pok Pok, Pine State Biscuits, and more. One impediment (that's amazing for you and I): The airport has a policy restaurants can't charge much more than they do in their regular eateries.

Marijuana needs to be legal under federal law, says the New York Times. Its editorial board has pledged to tell you why, in six parts. So far, it's an informative read you'll definitely want to consider before filling out your November ballot, which could see pot legalized in Oregon.

Three weeks into this conflict, Israel has crushed the (empty) home of Hamas' top political leader. And probably set fire to a power plant. All part of 150 targets the Israeli military say it hit in the past day.

Check out this worthwhile story from the Washington Post on the current flood of Central American children reaching our border—then finding their way, in government custody, northward to places like Portland—and the delightful xenophobia they've inspired in Syracuse, NY.

Everyone's on the lookout for a 38-year-old Dundee woman who's been missing since Thursday.

We all assume the leaders of China's Communist Party are unjustly enriching themselves. What's shocking is when they get called on it.

Fighting the cancerous glut of new corporate money in politics with other, better money? Can't hurt.

Ah! A 9-year-old girl has died after being hit by a crashing plane while frolicking on a Florida beach Sunday. Her father, also struck, died that day. Just terrible.


So this kid's going to grow up to be insufferable. Thanks a lot, Camp Rockmont.