Among music festivals, Pickathon is notable for the extremely low impact it leaves on Pendarvis Farm and the surrounding area. As Ned noted in his article about Pickathon this week, that's in large part "thanks to the reusable cups and dishes that Pickathon has instituted for festivalgoers, eliminating all single-use cups, bottles, and food containers." Plus: free water. (Why is that revolutionary? Everything is the worst.)

PROOF. He really did not want to take this picture.
  • PROOF. He really did not want to take this picture.

Here's how it works: You can bring your own dishware—that's probably the best option if you're just going for a day and won't be eating much—or you can pay $10 for a token that gets you clean dishes and utensils all weekend, and take a set home when you're done. (I've accumulated quite a stash of Pickathon dishware over the years, including a few metal cups and a cute green bowl that I use as a water dish for my cat*.)

It's worth thinking about food in advance, because Pickathon's food lineup is always ridiculous: Bunk Sandwiches, Pine State Biscuits, Boke Bowl, Al Forno Ferruzza, Bollywood Theater.... And if, like me, you've missed the extremely kind folks at Spunky Monkey since they got ousted from their spot on NE 20th, don't forget to visit their cart for coffee.

*personal challenge: work my cat into as many blog posts as possible in the month before I leave.