Bar Bar, the rock and roll bar and grill in the heart of the Mississippi Studios pleasure-sprawl, is known far and wide for the timeless perfection of its cheeseburger and shoestring fries. We all eat a lot of burgers, but I've had literally hundreds in professional service to the Mercury, and I will claim that their unique and understated creation, with its effortless-looking attention to the many thoughtful little details that add up to powerful effect, is a PDX top ten.

Bar Bars $5 State Fair burger. Fries and beer not included.
  • Chris Onstad
  • Bar Bar's $5 State Fair burger. Perfect shoestring fries and beer not included.

For Burger Week this year, their $5 burger is State Fair style, meaning charred on the flat-top and loaded with sweet onions (they're hoping to feature local Walla-Wallas all week) that have had the living hell caramelized out of them. It's draped with a thick layer of oozing cheddar cheese and hit with some ketchup to brighten all the richness, then slid onto a super-tender but burger-strength Alessio bun. There are many imaginings of the classic, early-century roadhouse burger on the market, but this is the one your grandfather ate before charging off to blow wads of lead into the Nazis.

I love this hamburger so much.
  • I love this hamburger so much.

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The Portland Mercury would like to thank our partners once again this year, world-class meat provider Nicky USA, Widmer Brothers Brewing, and Jim Beam Kentucky Fire!

Important reminder: THESE BURGERS WILL SELL OUT. Last year’s restaurants had one main issue with the event last year, and that was people getting angry and rude when they found out that they are part of a reality where restaurants that are getting slammed run out of food. We have better forecasting numbers this year, but please: go early, be kind, get a drink, and, most importantly, a $5 burger is a privilege, not a right. You know what someone who acts like a horse’s ass is? Hint: It has two enormous buttocks and large poops fall out of the middle.