In what might be considered a worst-case scenario, gloating and haughty Seattle has won that bike design competition we mentioned last week. Worse than that, Seattle deserved to win. The bike produced by design firm Teague and Sizemore Bicycle looks sort of funny, but it also sported by far the most inventive feature in this year's competition: handlebars that double as a beefy lock.

The victorious bike is called the "Denny"—presumably after the Seattle street—and though I remain skeptical that brushes can replace fenders, and though I very much dislike the prospect of automatic shifting, this was the correct outcome. It means that inventive handlebar system will actually see the market, since bike manufacturer Fuji has agreed to release a limited run of whichever bike won. Here's the video:

SEA: TEAGUE X SIZEMORE BICYCLE'S DENNY from oregon manifest on Vimeo.

How did Portland's entry do? The people who run Oregon Manifest aren't saying. I asked for a total vote tally, and competition creator Shannon Holt politely declined to send one.

"Across the board, people responded to bike features - on every bike they were looking at and evaluating the features and functionality of each bike," Holt said in an email. "Denny had some standout features. Viewers really loved the handlebar lock, the unusual fender system and the overall look of the bike."

I voted for Portland, as I said, out of civic pride.