Big Internet News (for the relatively prosperous parts of the city at least)! Regardless of whether our overlords down in Mountain View deign to bestow Google Fiber on us, Portland's getting super-fast internet. CenturyLink announced this morning it's going to roll out the service in undisclosed neighborhoods through 2015.

Sure, a court of law found a white supremacist couple who went on a murder spree in 2011 guilty. But US District Court Judge Ancer Haggerty also found disturbing improprieties by authorities who handled the case, including an Oregon State Police detective he says destroyed evidence and eavesdropped on defense attorneys' talks with their client, and federal prosecutors withholding evidence. Not good.

Real quick interlude in the news here: I just heard a delightful song about Nevada in the coffee shop, and now I can't find it anywhere online. It sounded like Willie Nelson, but probably wasn't. It included something about "silver and sagebrush." I only mention it here because my search for it is distracting from GMN duties. I don't even particularly care for Nevada. Such is this song's power. Does anyone know it? It is not "Home Means Nevada."

Bedlam at a military training facility in Afghanistan, where an Afghan soldier apparently shot and killed an American general at close range. And then maybe a gunfight ensued? Details are still sketchy.

A new ceasefire in Gaza. People seem hopeful it'll last longer than the last one, which is to say over an hour. It's tentatively supposed to go at least three days. Latest reported death tolls: Palestinians—1834, Israelis—67.

At the same time, people are wondering: Will President Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ever be able to recover their bonhomie? The US called Israel's bombing of a school Sunday "disgraceful," which is seen as maybe the strongest chiding in the countries' history. Also, it was accurate.

That Nevada song, by the way: It was sort of a show tune, but also sort of an old-timey country song. I could imagine a Wayne Newton or Andy Williams singing it. But as I say, it sounded a bit like Willie Nelson. You've got to have heard it.

It's not enough that Washington gets its elk populations lousy with "hoof rot," I guess. They've got to spread those afflictions across the Columbia. That's maybe a big deal.

The economy, historically, fares better under Democratic presidents. Why is that?

I went against my own advice about Ebola and read the first chapter of The Hot Zone. There's a part that describes a sound "like a bedsheet being torn in half" as a man's bowels are rent asunder in a torrent of angry, diseased gore. In a hospital waiting room. Anyway, that second humanitarian worker with Ebola is back in the US.

A man flying from Qatar to the UK made a "hoax bomb threat." Who is that fun for?

A man, a plan, a canal. Egypt.

I had been awake for less than 15 minutes when I heard that Nevada song in the coffee shop. Is it possible I imagined or dreamed it? Someone's got to know something. It is none of these.


"When you're fearful, talk back with 2 Timothy 1:7."