The readers of the Mercury were feeling mighty high of mind and strong of opinion this week, taking on such lofty issues as:

—Gun control! It's been a minute since we heard from PSU's Progressive Student Union's Lew Church—'sup Lew. As usual, he's taking hard stands on important issues, like that "gun safety laws—including background checks, and bans on high-caliber magazines and assault weapons—are needed now." Keep fighting the good fight!

—The Rapture! Not the band! Erika stepped up to edumicate us on the part where god is going to hoover up all the good Christians into heaven and leave all the sinners alone to party to go to hell. For instance, did you know that, "The word 'rapture' isn't in the Bible, unless you have a Latin translation. In that case, then you have the word 'rapturous,' from which our word 'rapture' is derived. And the word 'rapturous' comes from the Greek word 'harpazo.'" I did not!

—The history of print media! You might recall Todd's suggestion that we change our name from the Portland Mercury to the Portlandia Weekly Bazoo, but we wanted to make sure our print readers saw it too, and give the man a prize!

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