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No one else on staff gives a damn about this, so it falls to me. The biggest event in disc golf is coming to Portland tomorrow—or anyway sort of to Portland. Only one of the courses slated for the PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championships is actually within city limits (the delightful Pier Park) and many of the more spectator-friendly events are going to be held out at Blue Lake Park in Fairview.

But still! I've been playing disc golf for like 15 years, I'm terrible, and watching the best players in the world at work will either be completely inspiring or give me the push I need to quit once and for all. Not that I'll be able to watch—my request to spend the entirety of next week serving as the Mercury's disc golf field correspondent was met with cold contempt.

A couple weeks back, I phoned up Todd Andrews, a local who's been in the disc golf game for decades, once served as president of the PDGA, and brought the tournament to Portland. Andrews says I should come out. We all should. Disc golf tournaments "don't get a tremendous amount of spectators at this point," he says, but if any event is going to draw relative crowds, it's the Pro Worlds.

It'd be impossible to watch all the competitions—courses are all over the place—but you can pick your spots. And there's a "Vendor's Village" at Blue Lake, with scheduled pro clinics, long-drive competitions and putting contests.

Here's the schedule.