Here’s a stupid question—can Portlanders get enough beer? Of course not, as demonstrated by the sheer number of beer festivals this town holds. There’s one happening now—the Portland International Beerfest, taking place at Holladay Park by the Lloyd Center, while next weekend is the Imperial IPA Fest at Saraveza and their Bad Habit event space.

The International Beerfest, running today and tomorrow, actually has a lot of American beers, covering everything from barley wine to porters, though the real point is to get into the foreign beers. Not surprisingly Germany is well represented (lots of lagers but some interesting looking ales too) and there’s a lot of Belgium ale as well. The rest is an adventurous miscellany of Austrian, Canadian, Polish, Dutch, New Zealand, Czech, French and English beers with the odd cider. Watch out for Scottish brewery BrewDog who are known for their robust ales—their Tokio stout weighs in at a festival winning 18.2% ABV. Portland International Beerfest, Saturday & Sunday, $25 (inc. 10 beer tickets). Full information is available here

Smaller in scale but with a more neighborhood feel, the Imperial IPA Fest is now in its fifth year and features 40-plus rotating taps of IPA, much of it rare or brewed especially for the fest (the likes of Block 15, Base Camp Brewing Co, Coalition, Gigantic and Solera will all be debuting exclusives). There is also a short list of regional Berliner Weisse on draft and the infamous double bacon BLT makes a return. 5th Annual IIPA Festival, August 16 & 17, Saraveza and Saraveza's Bad Habit Room at 1004 N. Killingsworth, $20 (inc. glass and 10 drink tickets)