No one realized how upset we'd all be if Robin Williams met an untimely fate. And now he has, and we are.

No pressure, Intel, but if you should feel like spending $100 billion or so in Oregon, it's on us. The agreement the Oregon microchip czars reached with officials will save Intel (and deny state and local coffers) around $2 billion, the O reports. And job creation? Not much of a factor.

The tragic and terrifying situation on the ground in Sierra Leone, where Ebola is running rampant, and large parts of the country are sealed off from the wider world.

Europe now has its first Ebola death, by the way: A 75-year-old Spanish missionary who was being isolated in Madrid.

More clashes in Ferguson, Mo., with cops firing beanbag rounds and teargas. Probably not going to quell outrage over the shooting death of an unarmed black teen over the weekend. The FBI is investigating Michael Brown's death.

The Affordable Care Act is maybe getting more Multnomah County ex-convicts help for their addiction issues. County officials can't say for sure, the Trib reports, but we're saving millions in local tax dollars that used to go to rehab, and some services providers report an uptick in former prisoners getting help. That help is presumably being paid for by the state, via Obamacare.

International track superstar, Olympic gold medalist, and sometimes Oregonian Mo Farah almost died last month, and no one's really sure why?

Is Russia brazenly trying to send 280 Trojan horses over the Ukraine border? Or are they simply trucks stuffed full of humanitarian aid, as Vladimir Putin and his people insist? Everyone wants to know.

This Cannon Beach thing—with the dead toddler and the throat-slashed 13-year-old and the crazy mother—only gets worse the more you read.

The military coup in Iraq everyone was speculating on yesterday? Probably not a thing. Outgoing Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki is backing down.

Multnomah County has a bridge it would like to sell you.



Not sure if this is safe for your workplace. My guess is that any objections HR has will catch in their officious throats, and they will marvel. "This is dedication," they'll say, and from here out your every task will be judged on the basis of this kid. So, yeah, NSFW in that respect.