It was a corner much like this.
  • It was a corner much like this.
On Sunday I noticed, from my fourth-story apartment, a guy trying to unlock car door with a hanger. He was in the parking lot across the street on the corner and in broad daylight. I assumed it was his car. So did everybody else walking around on this well trafficked corner.

But I watched him because human frustration can be amusing and because he seemed just a tiny bit squirrely. After a couple minutes he managed to get the door open and when the alarm went off, he dove across the seats, rifled through the center console and glove box and then ran off. That part took maybe 15 seconds and then I realized I could only identify the squirrely thief's backpack and that wouldn't' be much help to anybody.

I caught the owner of the car (who came running to shut his alarm off) and he didn't think anything was missing, rendering me completely and totally blameless. But I still wonder if there was something that I could have done differently. Every time somebody locks their keys in their car, should they have the cops called on them? They seems like a good way to ruin an innocent person's day. And I can't really confront somebody and say "prove this is your vehicle." What do you think? Is there something else to be done?

Also keep your windows rolled up. I know it's hot but criminals no longer fear the sun.