If you're not familiar with Emily Books founder/former Gawker co-editor Emily Gould... Good job? You obviously don't waste much time reading online literary gossip? To catch up quick, just read this weird Elle profile, which is somehow simultaneously horrible (feet?) and quite smart on how the world can never quite decide what to make of Gould:

Attempting to grasp the media’s magnification of Gould in the very act of diminishing her is vertiginous—and representative of the confusing allure of fame in the twenty-first century.

Gould's first novel, Friendship, is about two female friends loving and working in New York City. I have read 24 pages of Friendship and it's a fun, fast read so far; the New York Times called it "as frothy and fleet a story as one could hope to find, an afternoon’s investment, tops." Gould is reading at the Burnside Powell's (which finally finished its remodel, BTW) at 7:30 tonight.