Radiation City just made their Kickstarter goal—the Portland quintet has been raising funds to record their next album, which they'll lay to tape with the illustrious John Vanderslice at his equally-as-illustrious Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco.

This means the third Radiation City album is definitely happening, which is fantastic news, because the group recently shared with the Mercury some tantalizing snippets of their latest demos. Even in fragmented and unfinished form, these songs already sound pretty amazing, and they'll be given the benefit of an actual real live studio—the first time Rad City will have used one, if you can believe it. Take a listen:

So, the good news is their initial Kickstarter goal has been met. Now the band is now making full use of the time left in their campaign to prep for what comes after recording the album: touring. The band's driven two tour vans to their graves and now needs money to get a proper one. They've set a new goal for their Kickstarter, and if you like what you hear above, it is well worth participating in the fundraiser. Do it!

There are all kinds of incentives and goodies in the campaign, and as of today Radiation City also just made available the second pressing of their exceptional 2013 album Animals in the Median, which is now ready for pre-order through Tender Loving Empire. (The vinyl's a joint release between TLE and Hey Amigo Recordings.) There's even a super limited edition of 100 for the deluxe vinyl version, if you feel like treating yo' self. Get it here.

But yeah, bottom line: new Rad City is coming, and based on these slivers of demos, it's going to be good. If you simply can't wait, they play this Saturday at the Walnut City Music Festival in McMinnville, and on Sunday at the Star Theater, opening for the legendary Superchunk.