On Monday Oso Market is holding a pop up dinner with Abby Fammartino in collaboration with house chef Jason Buss inspired by the food of southern coastal Spain. It’s a great-looking menu, with salt cod and pardon fritters, garlic and white wine steamed wild prawns and clams served with saffron paella rice, and, for dessert, wine poached figs over olive oil ice cream with candied prosciutto—unsurprisingly, given the dishes’ sunbaked heritage, it’s perfect food for the hot weather. Like all of Fammartino’s cooking the menu is free of gluten, dairy and soy and there are vegetarian options available. The dinner is limited to 30 seating spots. Oso market, 726 SE Grand, August 18, 7:45, $60 for dinner (tip and wine pairings extra)

Meanwhile on Wednesday, Gruner is hosting an evening with Ewald Moseler, along with winemaker Johannes Selbach from the Mosel Valley in Germany. Moseler is Portland’s German wine authority—as well as importing great wines he is an endless source of knowledge and something of a storyteller. There is a special four-course dinner of grilled meats and summer vegetables devised to showcase Selbach’s wines, which can also be ordered at the dinner. Gruner, 527 SW 12th, August 20, 6:30, $65 for dinner (incl. wine pairings)