I wonder if the New York Times has any notion of the indignant throat clearing this interesting feature will cause here. The paper used census data to find the percentages of each state's population by place of birth, since 1900. Less than half of Oregonians were born here, a far smaller proportion than many other states.

And the single largest non-Oregon state contributing to our numbers? Don't make me say it.

Oregon is another Western state that has always been home to a high share of transplants, but what's worth noting here is the influx of Californians that began in the 1970s and has grown ever since. The proportion of Californians to native Oregonians is now roughly equivalent to that of New York transplants living among people born in New Jersey.

By contrast, we humble immigrants from the midwest make up a fairly paltry 4 percent or so. So get off my back!

h/t Rob.