Do we even have to say it at this point? More of the same over in Ferguson, Mo., last night: tear gas, shots fired in the crowd (with two people hit), thrown bottles, fires, armored vehicles, and arrests. About the only thing changing are the government forces trying to tamp down this anger (it was the Missouri National Guard's turn last night). And maybe the make-up of protestors—cops arrested people from California and New York.

The NYT talked to people who know from protests and confirmed: Ferguson has been handled just about as poorly as possible.

"They've gotten so bold that they're kicking doors in and killing women." Community members met in North Portland yesterday to discuss how to tamp down the city's gang violence—and how to convince often reluctant witnesses and victims to cooperate. There are no easy answers, here. That quote above refers to the death, Sunday, of 21-year-old Ervaeua Herring.

Congratulations, you survived Ebola! And now you're an outcast.

The Islamic State is still being pummeled by American airstrikes, finally giving Kurdish fighters and Iraqi soldiers momentum to make up lost ground. But what happens when the US leaves? Can we ever leave?

Rick Perry, facing felony charges, has lawyered up. And they're about the sort of lawyers you'd expect, elbow deep in relaxed campaign finance laws and 2000 Florida presidential election recount intrigue. Oh, and one guy helped people sue BP?

Here, at long last, is the most damning imaginable condemnation of Americans living (relatively) high on the hog. In an analysis of popular web searches in parts of the country that are the "easiest" to live in, number 11—ELEVEN—was "Vengaboys." The least privileged parts of the country are looking up things like "severe itching" and "dog benadryl" and you're listening to this. Beautiful. (Admission: I had to search "Vengaboys" to find that video link. Is everyone just ironically linking to "We Like to Party"? If so, is that worse or better?)

Maybe German Chancellor Angela Merkel can sort this Ukraine situation out?

Portland expects hundreds of thousands of new residents in the next decades—here's why some neighborhoods may be able to opt out of the ugly brown apartment buildings you're so upset about, despite that.

You probably don't need that super-fast internet that might be coming to your neighborhood, the Trib says.

Don Pardo—he of the quivery, diving, perpetually full of wonder voice—is dead at 96.


A lot of video possibilities today. Do I go with some of Pardo's finest work? Do I drive the Vengaboys point home? NEITHER.