Nicky USA's annual, orgiastic Wild About Game event rears its meaty head just over the horizon on Sunday, Sept 7 at the Timberline Lodge in Government Camp. The legendary bacchanal is centered around a competition between four match-ups of Portland vs Seattle chefs, each trying to create the better dish centered around a Nicky protein. (This year's judges: Jessica Colley (national food writer), Leslie Kelly (Zagat, Seattle Times), and Samantha Bakall (The Oregonian). Attendees, of course, are able to sample each competing dish, as well as to graze the "Artisan Marketplace" of regional food and drink companies (peep the amazing-looking list). This year's competitions:

Joshua McFadden of Ava Gene’s, Portland V Shane Ryan of Matt’s in the Market, Seattle

Josh Scofield of Toro Bravo, Portland V Rob Sevcik of Loulay, Seattle

Jin Soo Yang of Bamboo Sushi, Portland V Jason Stoneburner of Bastille, Seattle

Jason French of Ned Ludd, Portland V Mike Easton of Il Corvo, Seattle

Diehards have already booked their rooms in order to pass out in gorged exhaustion (the last few rooms for the night of the 7th at the Timberline are going for $240), but if you can yourself a desi (or some goddamn self-control) it's quite the excursion, and there's little doubt you'll be able to recoup the $65 ticket price ($75 at the door!) by stuffing your gullet to the maximum. Get your tickets here, and leave your vegetarians at home!

A winning dish from 2013 by Aaron Barnett of St. Jack
  • Nicky USA
  • A winning dish from 2013 by Aaron Barnett of St. Jack