Top two worst things in the news these days: ISIS and Ebola, right? Not a single redeeming quality to either. But the Islamic State might not be the threat that military officials and news media have painted, says the NYT. And NPR says Ebola's not that scary.

And yet? ISIS' latest execrable actions mean we might be going after its Syrian wing, next.

And Ebola continues its blood-spattered march.

I don't know if this is sad or evolved. In Los Angeles, when an unarmed black man is killed by police, the protests are quiet and often unassuming, the communications with police go through well-worn channels—and presumably not much changes. Ferguson was/is awful, but it also raised awareness and discussion.

And hopefully it results in more cases like this: A St. Louis officer with decades on the force was pushed out in disgrace after a video emerged of him telling a group of Constitution fetishists "I kill everybody."

More bad news for an Australian company hoping to ramp up coal shipments down the Columbia River. The same week a state agency denied a permit for a new dock in the river, a commission has also declined to award a recommended $2 million transportation grant to beef up an existing dock for coal shipments.

The same transportation commission wants TriMet to build out its bike parking at certain west side stations.

That Russian mystery convoy crossed the border without permission or a Red Cross escort! Then dropped of whatever it was dropping off and promptly left (with some folks insinuating the trucks carried off valuable equipment).

The Ukrainian military, meanwhile, says Russia is firing at its positions from across the border. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is officially on the case.

Did awful Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker improperly collude with conservative groups to funnel cash toward fighting a recall attempt? Nothing's been formally determined, but it looks it is QUITE POSSIBLE.

Damian Lillard gets cut from Team USA?! I say we flip cars.

"My life ended as soon as I fired the first round. This is not wanted. Unfortunately, there's no reason not to try and kill at least a few more people before I shoot myself." A mentally disturbed man who murdered his father and a random stranger (then himself) this week left behind notes detailing his calculations.