File this under "this is what you get when you try to do something nice."

As you may have heard, 22-year-old Jessie Helt of Salem, Oregon was chosen by Miley Cyrus (of all people) to accept her award for "Video of the Year" at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday. He got up and made an impassioned plea for greater understanding of runaway and homeless youth, like himself. He got a lot of national attention, and is allegedly planning to return to Oregon from LA to visit his mom.

HOWEVER (from Page Six):

Jesse Helt, who accepted the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s Video of the Year VMA, has a warrant out for his arrest in Oregon after he violated his probation, reports Inside Edition.

The 22-year-old was arrested attempting to break into an apartment in Salem, Oregon in 2010, and was charged with criminal trespassing and mischief, according to a report that will air on the show on Tuesday.

In the years since, Helt has allegedly violated his probation repeatedly, including failing to take a drug test, using marijuana, breaking curfew, failing to complete his community service and failing to report to his probation officer.

Wait... HE BROKE CURFEW!?! Dear god, lock this youth up immediately before he smokes marijuana, breaks curfew, and serves as Miley Cyrus' moral proxy again!!

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