Got plans tonight? Now ya do!

"Our newest live storytelling format features behind-the-scenes stories combined with film/TV clips from the storytellers’ own work—including outtakes and never-before-seen footage," says Back Fence PDX's B. Frayn Masters. They've assembled some of the city's most interesting filmmaking types for the task: James Westby (Rid of Me, The Auteur), Beth Harrington (The Winding Stream), October Moore (Portlandia, Grimm, City Baby), Jason Rouse/Ian Berry (Make Mine Country, More Porkchop), and Casey Parks (Diary of a Misfit).

If you've—gasp!—never been to a Back Fence night of storytelling, you need to correct that, STAT! And if you have you don't need me to tell you how hilarious and touching a night like this can be. Wanna go? Email me before 4:30 with "REEL STORIES" in the subject line and be entered to win one of two pairs of tickets to tonight's show at the Hollywood Theater.